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The Importance of Chiropractic


Chiropractic ~ In a nutshell

Your nervous system is the master controller of your entire body and all of its organs, so it is especially important to maintain the health of your nervous system. When your nervous system isn't sending its signals properly to the rest of the body, many people encounter aches, pains and dysfunctions. Nerve irritation can occur when the bones in your spine mis-align, which can cause irritation of the spinal cord and the nerves around it.

Here is an example of the technology we use in our office which helps us pin point where exactly you are experiencing different levels of irritation and stress on your nervous system.

Throughout your care, we will monitor your nervous system periodically and we expect to see positive changes over time as we remove the different stresses on your nervous system through specific, principled, chiropractic adjustments. Eventually, your assessment should begin to look more and more like this!


When the nerves in your spine are experiencing irritation, and their signals are not being sent throughout the body properly, this is called subluxation. It is the job of a principled Chiropractor to specifically analyze and locate areas of nerve interference, and gently adjust subluxations in the spine. By addressing nerve interference through regular Chiropractic care, we can help your body not just feel better but function better!

Watch this short video on how we perform a specific chiropractic adjustment!


V.s. Correction ~ In a nutshell

Symptoms, like a headache or low back pain, are often times what force us to seek out a Chiropractor or another healthcare professional. However symptoms in and of themselves are not the sole cause of the problem, they are merely a signal that our body is not functioning properly, and we should seek out the root cause of the problem. Often times we look for ways to temporarily relieve symptoms, only to have the problem promptly return, potentially even worse than before.


At Apex Chiropractic, we gladly accept practice members who have any number of aches, pains or other conditions. However, our goal is to not only get you out of pain, but to help prevent the pain from coming back by providing true correction. In other words, we are not just looking to cover-up your symptoms, but to CORRECT the problem by finding the root cause of the problem. We know that health and healing do not happen overnight, and symptoms do not go away in a day. Like working out or eating healthy to lose weight, the body can make amazing changes when given the time to do so! Chiropractic is an all-natural approach to health, and by getting adjusted to remove nerve interference you can help prevent health issues from returning. Dr. Kamen will help educate you on how to maintain the health of your spine and nervous system for years to come. 

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