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Our Technique:  T.R.T.

TRT ~ In a nutshell

We do not compromise when it comes to the science and the specificity of the way that we administer Chiropractic adjustments to our practice members. In order to help restore the proper communication of the nervous system, there needs to be a scientific way to determine where there is nerve interference in the spine. With this in mind, Dr. Jay Holder, one of the leading researchers and clinicians in Chiropractic, developed TRT analysis of the spine from clinical research. This technique brings together seven of the best techniques in Chiropractic, and focuses on improving nervous system tone in the body. The entire analysis is done while you are laying face down on the adjusting table, so it is very comfortable for our practice members!

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The research supporting TRT is one if the most compelling reasons to be adjusted by a Chiropractor who practices this technique. In a research study published by the renowned journal "Molecular Psychiatry", the results with TRT were amazing! The participants in the study not only found that TRT helped reduce stress and anxiety levels, but they showed that there was a dramatic increase in measurements of well-being following a care plan with TRT adjustments.

Dr. Kamen has undergone additional training in TRT technique, and is Certified Advanced Proficient by Dr. Jay Holder. The amazing part about TRT is that there are several ways to specifically adjust the practice member according to what the practice member needs. Once Dr. Kamen has located the areas of increased tension in your spine using TRT analysis, the traditionally effective manual adjusting techniques such as Gonstead or Diversified are easily integrated into the care of the practice member. Also, Dr. Kamen uses one of the only FDA approved adjusting instruments, called the Integrator for an incredibly reproducible and light adjustment. Overall, because TRT helps to relieve nerve interference from your body, it is incredibly effective for helping our practice members maintain their best health and performance through specific, scientific Chiropractic care!

Watch this short video to learn about the Integrator!

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